Get a Custom Ladder Rack for Your Pickup Truck!...Locally Manufactured, Custom racks.
QUESTION: Why do people drive from as far away as Minnesota to pick up their custom racks from CalRack?

Because it's a CalRack!
Image showing two men wekding a truck rack.
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Calrack  Products

FREE Installation with purchase of a minimum of 4 NO-DRILL Super Clamps.*

*Super Clamps secure your rack with greater holding power than drilling through the bedrails of your truck. Installation is free as long as bed is clear of tool boxes and other obstructions which could require removal in order to install the rack.

The Atlas Heavy Duty Truck RackThe Atlas Heavy Duty Truck Rack

Campershell Rack
Campershell RackCampershell Rack mounted on a pickup truck with a camper shell

The Class 250 RackThe Class 250 Rack profile

The Stealth Truck RackThe Stealth Truck Rack

The Forklift RackThe Forklift Rack profile

The Wildcatter Heavy Truck RackThe Wildcatter Rack

SLEEKLINE  RACK Image of The Sleekline Rack mounted on an extended cab pickup truck.Image of the Sleekline Truck Rack
Super Clampsimage of Super Clamps holding a rack on a pickup truck.

do you require a lighter weight rack? visit our sister site at

here are just a few of the many racks offered:

     The 5th Wheel Rack

    The Honda Ridgeline Truck Racks

     The Galleon Stake Pocket Rack

     The Schooner State Pocket Rack

     The Hawaiian Sawhorse Rack

     The Paddlers Rack

....and many more available....over 40 different rack models; and many accessories to go with your truck rack....on

view our complete line of heavy duty truck racks at

     The Wildcatter Heavy Duty Rack

    The Atlas Heavy Duty Rack

     The Workhorse Heavy Duty Rack

     The Job-Site Heavy Duty Rack

About Us

ABOUT   CALRACK is a website devoted to providing information about the products manufactured by a California company, U.S. Rack, for our consumers living in California. We are a small business located in Southern California, in the city of Corona.

U.S. Rack began in 1999, as so many businesses have, in a garage in the Silicon Valley and later moved to the Central Valley to expand and begin manufacturing operations.

We are still a small business but now manufacture the largest variety of distinct pickup truck rack designs anywhere and lead the market with quality, innovative, truck racks that install quickly with NO DRILLING.

You should strongly consider becoming a U.S. Rack customer if you:
•Prefer working with a small business that has always placed the highest emphasis on customer service. Over the past 19 years we have built truck racks for over 20,000 individual customers and have an outstanding reputation for taking care of each one.
•Prefer a company who’s “experts” actually understand its products and their applications. All we do is truck racks, so if that is what you need, we can provide you one of our standard or custom products that will work very well for the purposes you intend.
•Prefer an honest company that doesn’t try to “up-sell” the customer and stands behind its products. Giving good service is as much a joy to us as receiving that service it is to our valued customers.
•Prefer to support a true California small business success story rather than a mega-corporation.

U.S. Rack, Inc.
2365 Railroad Street
Corona, 92880
California • USA

view a map to our factory
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phone: 1.951.271.3498
toll free: 1.888.877.2257
Fax: 1.951.270.5391

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